Beyond Plagiarism is a collaborative instructional resource created by the Sweetland Center for Writing and the University of Michigan Library at the University of Michigan.

Original artwork by Maggie Miller, UM School of Art and Design, BFA, 2015

This website aims to teach students how to use sources effectively and responsibly. In these lessons, we do not focus on the punitive aspects of plagiarism. Instead, we want students to understand how to better articulate your ideas in relation to those of others. Avoiding obvious, intentional plagiarism is relatively straightforward; however, learning how to integrate sources responsibly, and without losing sight of your own voice is difficult for writers at all levels. Beyond Plagiarism seeks to help the user learn to negotiate this terrain with more confidence. Overall, as a research-based project, Beyond Plagiarism seeks to enhance information literacy and writing in regard to academic integrity and responsible engagement with research sources.

Funded in 2013 by a New Initiatives/New Infrastructures grant from Instructional Support Services within UM’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, the resource is maintained by a team of instructors, librarians, and graduate students.

University of Michigan Project Team:
Doreen Bradley, Director of Learning Programs and Initiatives, Shapiro Undergraduate Library
Sigrid Anderson Cordell, Librarian for English Language and Literature, Hatcher Graduate Library
Melissa Gomis, Instructional Technology Librarian, Hatcher Graduate Library
Naomi Silver, Associate Director, Sweetland Center for Writing

Site Authors:
Daphna Atias, Doctoral Candidate, Department of English Language and Literature
Katherine Lennard, Doctoral Candidate, Department of American Culture
Cordelia Zukerman, Doctoral Candidate, Department of English Language and Literature

Special thanks to:
Lauren Atkins, Instructional Learning Senior, Instructional Support Services
Jarrett Drake, University Library Associate, Special Collections Library
Caitlin Geier, Designer and Developer, School of Information Graduate
Sharona Ginsberg, Instructional Learning Intermediate, Instructional Support Services
Adam Kriesberg, Doctoral Candidate, School of Information
Maggie Miller, Illustrator, School of Art and Design
Stephanie Moody, Assistant Professor of English, Kent State University
Diana Perpich, Senior Associate Librarian, University Library

Contact us at beyondplagiarism@umich.edu